Dog Grooming - Do You Know How to Prevent Matted and Tangled Hair?

1. As a young puppy you need to take it for regular check -ups to the vet and for related genetic examination. Regular grooming will also have the added benefit of reducing excess hair that will end up in your home.

2. As your puppy grows, you may find that his hair is either too long, or too short. With a long coat, you will need to make one or two snips every week, according to the changes in growth. If your puppy has a hair that falls into his paws, you may either trim them, or leave them alone. As his nails grow, you may need to clip them - but this should be done only after Consultant Teaching attains successful control of the dog's nails.All dogs need regular grooming, but some breeds have special grooming needs. It is best to familiarise yourself with the considerations that apply to your particular breed, and ensure that you can readily provide the care that is required.

3. Some professional grooming is definitely required for some breeds! A good example would be of a Collie or a Sheepdog. Both these breeds have a rather long, shaggy coat, that would require to be clipped regularly. This falls under the heading of professional grooming. Of course, if you have a dog like this, you may want to consult with a professional trainer or possibly a grooming disciplinarian about appropriate techniques for dog grooming. Like so many other breeds, the Collie and the Poodle also require to be bathed regularly. You will want to get this done at a pet store, as it will require quite some basic items such as shampoo, conditioner, brushes and nail clipper. A clipper that is specifically designed for dogs is definitely an investment that will pay off in the long run. Also, keep in mind that the time associated with bathing and brushing your Collie and the Poodle will pay off in their health. Both of them will enjoy these routines, as they represent a good exercise routine.

4. As a follow-on from our previous topic, some dogs require regular hair cuts. If so, this is certainly something that will involve you in the haircutting process. As with humans, regular hair cuts for dogs can cut down on time and money associated with grooming them. If a dog with longer hair requires a full cut, you will be glad to know that you do not have to schedule the entire haircut. You can simply take your time over the trimming stage, since like with humans, a full cut may result in asking for more time. However, the one with longer hair will likely require a time commitment involving longer scheduled brushing and more set aside time for trimming. We are aware that our own dogs do not take kindly to a full cut, so we have set aside the specific time that it takes for the full haircut.

In the past, we have had to make time adjustments in our schedules to be able to get the timequeeness that a Collie or a Poodle requires. A couple of years ago, we discovered that we needed to shave our Staffordshire Terrier very short. This type of dog requires a very specific grooming routine, so in order to accommodate them, we had to learn to shave them short. However, this was exactly the type of haircut that they needed! We started out by placing the dogs at the entrance of the parlor in our house. This taught them an unexpected consequence, as they tended to run up to the parlor when they saw us getting ready for our morning brushing. What Bond can achieve between you and your dog!

We learned that we could also get the same outcome by putting them in the bathroom when it was a very calm and quiet time. Trust me, they rewarded us with a very affectionate kiss!

We started to see changes several months later, when it became apparent that they really did appreciate us coming to their aid. They no longer ran up to the parlor expecting attention and had to be allowed outside to retrieve a ball. A couple of years later, we provided them with a puppy, which in turn required we brush them every day. It was in this process that we discovered the particular benefit of brushing a dog every day. The dog was so bonded with its owner that it always maintained an openess to receive attention from us. A dog that might normally be irritable or shy is suddenly very willing to be held or brushed, showing that it had more than just an owner to please. The bond between us was very real and daily.

We are so glad that we discovered this training possibility for our Collie. It took some experimenting and trial and error with a good brush to discover the particular benefit of brushing your dog. Begin with a brush that is specifically designed for your dog. These should be soft bristle brushes.


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